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Neue Mainzer Straße 15 60311 Frankfurt (Eingang zwischen Bühneneingang des Schauspiels und Eingang Kammerspiele), Tel. loctation is good and easy to access all the place. Front of house staff will be on hand to help and ensure regulations are adhered to. 7:30 pm, Opera House . 1-Day Frankfurt Card. The SBF is entitled to exclude persons responsible who violate this prohibition from purchasing tickets in the future. These singers were forced to leave the opera in June 1933, though the opera's director Hans Meissner was able to persuade the mayor to speak up for Schramm, who had a non-Jewish wife. 26.4 Couples/people from the same household can talk to front of house staff about sitting together. So hat der Kunde die Möglichkeit so früh wie möglich die Kündigung an die Alte Oper Frankfurt zu senden. Franck Ollu is a versatile conductor, widely acknowledged as an expert in the field of contemporary and French music. 24.2 All people going to a performance must have means of identification with them, and present it when buying tickets at the evening box office. Entscheiden Sie an dieser Stelle ob wir diese Tools bei Ihnen verwenden dürfen. Oper Frankfurt Zuhause The SBF is not obliged to provide replacements. Discounts do not apply to any fees. The people checking your tickets when you enter the theatre are not obliged to check whether you are the rightful owner of the ticket. We reserve the right to make changes if there is a good reason, if one or several singers are ill, or somebody else, due to no fault of their own, who plays a vital role is suddenly not available. Sehr geehrte Damen und Herren, hiermit kündige ich mein Vertragsverhältnis mit Oper Frankfurt mit der angegebenen Vertragsnummer … Alte Musik … Frankfurt City Tour. Mai, da sonst der Abonnement Vertrag automatisch über die nächste Spielzeit weiterläuft. If a reserved ticket reservation is not paid for by that time it is automatically cancelled. Phone: +49 (69) 212 37 499. A surcharge might be made for selected events, such as guest performances, New Year's Eve performances, etc. No replacement can be granted for lost gift vouchers or expired exchange vouchers / coupons from subscriptions. Excluded from liability are identification cards and certificates of all kinds, credit cards, cash, keys and valuables such as jewellery, electronic equipment etc., especially if these articles are located in coat pockets or containers. 17.3 It is forbidden to take food or drinks into the auditorium. Details. The liability is limited to the fair value and/or to 250€ for all objects handed over under a given cloakroom ticket. Mai mindestens vier Wochen vorher versendet wird. The SBF is entitled to pass on this data to persons or legal entities when they effect the ticket sales contract on behalf of the SBF. Neue Mainzer Straße 15 60311 Frankfurt (Eingang zwischen Bühneneingang des Schauspiels und Eingang Kammerspiele) Tel. price/night: $105 8.7 Excellent 1,104 reviews Scandic Frankfurt Museumsufer Hotel in Bahnhofsviertel, Frankfurt Breakfast options. The General Terms. 10th January 2021, 11:00 am, Foyer Opera Extra. 14.1 The entrance foyers normally open one hour before the performance begins. You may only remove it once you are sitting in the seat you have been shown to. Tickets cannot be refunded if a performance has to be cancelled due to things beyond Oper Frankfurt's control (including things like strikes, civil unrest, natural catastrophes, an epidemic or order from the state). 8.1 Opera Frankfurt grants a 50% discount on tickets for people who can prove they are students and aged 30 or younger, members of the the Federal Voluntary Service, the unemployed, holders of the youth leader card and people with a 50% GdB (grade of disability) and above, who need an accompanying adult. Title: Alte Oper Frankfurt Saisonbroschüre 2016/17, Author: Alte Oper Frankfurt, Name: Alte Oper Frankfurt Saisonbroschüre 2016/17, Length: 143 pages, Page: 129, Published: 2016-12-21 . If you arrive late our front of house staff will let you know about when you will be allowed into the auditorium. Box office. 4.2 Advance bookings can also be made through other ticket agencies in Frankfurt and Germany and other internet portals. Le vin herbé Frank Martin (replacing Zemlinsky's Traumgörge) with English surtitles date when booking opens for December (& January) not yet known - watch this space! In this case an administration fee of €2.50 will be charged per ticket. Phone: +49 (69) 212 02. 9,326 Followers, 1,310 Following, 482 Posts - See Instagram photos and videos from Oper Frankfurt (@oper_frankfurt) Failure to comply may incur damage claims. Tickets cannot be refunded if a singer is forced to cancel a recital if a suitable replacement has been found. 31st January 2021, 11:00 am, Foyer Opera Extra. 19.1 The SBF, its legal representatives or vicarious agents shall be liable for damage, for whatever legal reason, only in case of intent or gross negligence. Vom 24.12.–27.12., sowie vom 31.12.–3.1. In all other cases, the customer will get a new value voucher for the difference. Cancelled . A refund, discount or return of tickets is not possible if there are no surtitles or they are not visible. Collecting data and proof of identity 24.1 The SBF are obliged by law to keep a list of people entering the building to ensure that a chain of infection can be traced if necessary. Share. Klavier­abende. So we need your name, address and date of birth when you purchase a ticket. 26. 25. It is important that people who are admitted during the performance do as they are told by the people who let them in. 5.3. About the Alte Oper Frankfurt; Chronology & history; Gallery; Guided tours; Board of directors; Staff; Partners; Catering; Service. 7th March 2021, 11:00 am, Bockenheimer Depot Opera Extra. 30.3 Once the doors are open you will be asked to take your places relatively quickly, to avoid queues building up. The 2020/21 season at the Alte Oper Frankfurt; Subscriptions and packages. Ensemble Modern . Sonntag­abend­konzerte. The close partnership between the Alte Oper Frankfurt and Frankfurter Bachkonzerte e. V. is reflected in the long-standing and successful Bach Series, a subscription which encompasses concerts in the Great Hall with works from the era of Bach, Vivaldi and others, and which also provides insight into how their music lives on in the present. Oper Frankfurt. Oper Frankfurt presents musical theatre of the highest calibre. Oper Frankfurt Home; English ... With generous support from the Frankfurter Patronatsverein - Sektion Oper. New Productions; Revivals; Recitals. Lost or expired ticket vouchers, exchange Abonnement (subscription) vouchers in particular, cannot be replaced. Having been named the "Opera House of the Year" in 2003 by the magazine "Opernwelt", Oper Frankfurt had a similar honour bestowed upon it in 2004: a professional survey carried out by the magazine "Die Deutsche Bühne" placed Oper Frankfurt at the very top of Germany's operas houses. The retention of these objects is at the risk of the visitor. 27. Auf dem Bestellcoupon sind neben dem gewünschten Abo auch die Anzahl der Kinder-/Erwachsenenplätze zu nennen (unterschiedliche Preise). Choisissez parmi des contenus premium Kündigen de la plus haute qualité. This means that refunds will not be made, or tickets reduced in price, if an opera is performed without surtitles or they are not able to be seen properly, or at all, from some seats at the sides of the auditorium, although new monitors at the sides of the auditorium have improved matters greatly. Bachkonzerte. Sun 17. It is also not possible to take tickets back to the box office for a refund. 9.1. 6.3 Printed tickets allow the holder to use regional public transport, free to get to the performance and home again. 16.3 For the treatment of lost property, as for the rest §§ 978 pp BGB shall apply. Details. Neuland entdecken und den Geist erfrischen. : 069 / 212 37 333 Fax: 069 / 212 37 330 E-Mail: aboservice.oper@buehnen-frankfurt.de. The instructions of the staff must be obeyed. The SBF is entitled to charge a fee for the postage/delivery. Orchester­konzerte. Using the toilets 28.1 No more than two people are allowed in the toilets at any one time, and they must stay 1½ metres apart from each other. But you can still travel home free on local public transport (not if you have printed out your ticket at home). 15.3 If a member of the audience has lost a cloakroom ticket the items will only be handed over if plausible reasons are given and accepted that he/she is the rightful recipient. This being said, the SBF can sometimes make exceptions if it deems fit. 31. As no active threats were reported recently by users, oper-frankfurt.de is SAFE to browse. Recording material of any kind, on which parts of the performance is recorded will be confiscated and kept by SBF. The SBF is also entitled to restrict or exclude the sale of discounted tickets for certain venues, events, seating or price groups, in terms of time or with respect to certain sales channels. All kinds of events take place (see their homepage for actaul events) However, in addition to the events inside, a beautiful building from the outside. 25.2 The rules mean that a seated person must have 5 people-free square metres around them. Show more Show less. Mai 2020 schriftlich gekündigt werden. State of health of people visiting the theatre 22.1 You may only attend performances at Oper & Schauspiel Frankfurt if you are not infected with SARS-CoV-2 and are not displaying any COVID-19 symptoms (such as temperature, aches and pains, diarrhoea) or suffering from accute respiratory symptoms (such as coughing, a runny nose). 6.1  There are different seating plans & price categories for performances staged by the SBF, depending on the venue and event. Compatible dimensions permit giving opera and ballet performances both in the Opernhaus Düsseldorf and in the Theater Duisburg. Selective Subscriptions; Subscription Series; Pegasus - experiencing music! : 069 / 212 37 333 Fax: 069 / 212 37 330 E-Mail: aboservice.oper@buehnen-frankfurt.de, Postanschrift für das Einsenden von Tauschunterlagen: AboService Oper Frankfurt Neue Mainzer Straße 15 60311 Frankfurt am Main, Das Einlösen von Tauschgutscheinen oder Coupons ist grundsätzlich auch an der Vorverkaufskasse der Oper Frankfurt am Willy-Brandt-Platz möglich (Öffnungszeiten: Mo-Fr 10-18 Uhr, Sa 10-14 Uhr). 16.1 Valuables of any kind found in premises of the SBF are accepted by the front of house and/or cloakroom staff and are kept in the lost property office of the SBF. Die Neubestellung eines Abonnements erbitten wir an das Abonnementbüro in der Alten Oper Frankfurt. $17.70. 26.3 With three empty seats between allocated places. The SBF assumes no liability for the way these other companies' terms & conditions, how they are run, or behave. There are a few places allocated for wheelchair users (which cost €6) with documentation marked "B" to prove they need somebody to accompany them (the seat next to the wheelchair user, which costs €10). These surtitles are not a component of the ticket price. 17.5 In case of fire or other dangerous situations, visitors must leave the house immediately without detours, (cloakroom will be closed)  through the identified exits and/or emergency exits. Getting to your seats / queuing to get to your seats (ergänzend zu §13) 30.1 Reminders about having to keep 1½ metres from each other in a queue will be on display by the doors into the auditorium. It is entitled to pronounce house leaving orders or bans or to take other suitable measures within the scope of its domestic authority. Oper Frankfurt in your home. It records the work of artists in over 900 theatres, and publishes season … Booking opens December 7. Oper Frankfurt Website: www.oper-frankfurt.de. In addition, a maximum of one person per 10 square metres of floor space accessible to the public. These apply when tickets or subscriptions have been purchased. 2-Day Frankfurt Card. Many nice little cafes on the Opera Square invite you for coffee or tea. If necessary, the visitor can be excluded from the performance. Box office. 17.1 The SBF exercises its authority in all its performing venues. 30.2 Front of house staff will ask people to keep their distance if there are too many people trying to get in at once. 8.1.1 Schauspiel Frankfurt: gives a 50% discount on normal prices on presentation or a proof - of holders of Frankfurt passes, holders of youth leader cards, the unemployed, and severely disabled persons with 50% GdB (degree of disability) and above, who need an accompanying adult. 2. 24.3 Your information will be deleted in the usual way according to German law. 17.2 Mobile phone devices and other acoustic transducers of all kinds may be taken into the auditorium but kept switched off at all times. 14.2 The valid ticket and/or the subscription ticket must be shown to the staff manning the doors and proof of entitlement must be on hand for holders of discount tickets. Tickets can be ordered by phone or online. Distance keeping and hygiene rules in the theatre and foyers 27.1 A mask must be worn before entering the building. oper-frankfurt.de Oper Frankfurt presents musical theatre of the highest calibre. 18.2 If this rule is broken front of house staff are entitled to confiscate recording devices, telephones, cameras, under exclusion of liability, and withhold them until the performance is over. Tickets cannot be refunded if a singer is forced to cancel a recital if a suitable replacement has been found. Admission can also be refused when there are reasonable grounds to believe that the visitor will interfere with the performance or bother other visitors. Cancelled. The Alte Oper at Opernplatz in Frankfurt am Main is a concert and event house. The Städtische Bühnen Frankfurt will make known any changes to the programme, cancellation, or starting time on the website as soon as they are known. The evening box office shuts when the performance begins. There is no fundamental right to return or exchange tickets. 10.1 If you lose a ticket the SER will issue a replacement ticket if the purchaser can prove - with seating number or other kind of proof, which ticket had been purchased. Opera in Frankfurt am Main. Mail address: [email protected] Address: Untermainanlage 11 60311 Frankfurt am Main GERMANY. Frankfurt, 22.05.2020 Bernd Loebe & Anselm Weber Geschäftsführer and Intendants of Oper Frankfurt & Schauspiel Frankfurt, We use on this website in addition to so-called Session Cookies also Cookies for Google Analytics, a web analysis service provided by Google Inc. to give you optimum service. Oper Frankfurt at home; The season, day by day. There is no right for people from the same household to sit together. Oper Frankfurt Web site: www.oper-frankfurt.de. 22. Your visit. 17.4 Smoking is not permitted in all areas of SBF. 15.5 By handing over the cloakroom ticket, the SBF shall be liable for loss or damages of the kept objects only if the cloakroom staff has violated its retention obligations intentionally or through gross negligence. 4.3 The SBF reserves the right, if necessary, to limit the number of tickets sold to one person. German law shall apply in principle. Shows and musicals; Events archive; The Alte Oper. Anyway, the article is about the Frankfurt Opera only by now. Recitals; Concerts. If the lost cloakroom ticket is found this amount will be refunded. About the Alte Oper Frankfurt ; Chronology & history; Gallery; Guided tours; Board of directors; Staff; Partners; Catering; Service. 24. Operabase has documented operatic activity worldwide since 1996, with over 500,000 performances on file. 15.4 Incorrect, damaged or lost items or loss of a cloakroom ticket must be reported to the cloakroom staff immediately. Our venue. 3.2 The evening box office normally opens 60 minutes before performances begin (this also applies to performances that begin in the afternoon). The visitor is obliged to refund the €5 replacement cost of a lost cloakroom ticket to the management visitor services. Von Vorteil ist, wenn die Kündigung zum 11. 5.1. The purchase of tickets is completed when paid for (see clause 6.pp). 9.2 If a performance is cut short then a substitute performance will be offered if less then half the performance had taken place, or, if this is not possible for programme or other reasons, the admission price will be refunded. and/or sound-recordings are prohibited for copyright reasons. 28. The Oper Frankfurt (Frankfurt Opera) is one of the leading opera companies in Europe, and voted best "Opera house of the year" several times since 1996 #oper #frankfurt. Having been named the "Opera House of the Year" in 2003 by the magazine "Opernwelt", Oper Frankfurt had a similar honour bestowed upon it in 2004: a professional survey carried out by the magazine "Die Deutsche Bühne" placed Oper Frankfurt at the very top of Germany's operas houses. Wir verwenden auf dieser Webseite neben s.g. Session-Cookies auch Cookies für Google Analytics, um Ihnen das beste Nutzererlebnis zu ermöglichen und Zugriffe auf unsere Webseite anonymisiert zu analysieren. Claims for  reimbursement of the admission prices shall be void for reasons of legal security and of the financial planning of the SBF if not asserted within one month. Tausch oder Rückgabe von Terminen im Oper für Kinder-Abo sind ausgeschlossen. Performances, when they begin and casts are announced regularly in  monthly brochures and are available on the website. Rules about keeping your distance and number of people allowed in the audience 25.1 A distance of 1½ metres must be maintained between people (even when seated) at all times, except between people from the same household. Abo- und Infoservice: Nur telefonisch erreichbar von Mo–Fr von 10 bis 14 Uhr, unter 069-212 37333 oder per E-Mail unter aboservice.oper@buehnen-frankfurt.de; Anfragen per E-Mail und Post werden bearbeitet. 15.1 Cloakroom items : coats, umbrellas, large bags and bulky items may not be taken into the auditorium but have to be dropped off at the cloakrooms. Taking pictures during the performance is not allowed because it disturbs the performers' concentration and annoys other members of the audience. 11.2 Exchange vouchers or coupons from subscriptions are only valid until the end of the respective season. Wahlabonnements müssen nicht gekündigt werden. Mail address: [email protected] Address: Untermainanlage 11 60311 Frankfurt am Main GERMANY. The 2020/21 season at the Alte Oper Frankfurt; Subscriptions and packages. Avg. 5.2. Offizielle Homepage der Oper Frankfurt. Tickets for that evening's performances are a priority at the box offices. Only those who know what longing is Tchaikovsky Lieder staged by Christof Loy 6:00 pm, Opera House . German and English (English appears only on the right hand side of the display above the stage!) Die Frankfurter Oper kostet die Stadt jährlich 64 Millionen Euro. Selective Subscriptions; Subscription Series; Pegasus - experiencing music! Große Kunst auf 88 Tasten. Your visit . --FordPrefect42 21:23, 23 May 2007 (UTC) I agree. 15.2 Items are handed over after performances upon presentation of a cloakroom ticket without the staff having to check whether the cloakroom ticket holder is the rightful owner of the items. $32.54. The deadline of a reserved ticket is 10 days. These discounts to not extend to first nights of new productions, guest performances, special and external events or New Year's Eve performances. Internationaler Dirigentenwettbewerb Sir Georg Solti, Ensemble / Gäste / Opernstudio / Mitarbeiter, Das Frankfurter Opern- und Museums­orchester, Ihr Besuch - Tickets / Anreise / Ermässigungen, Zukunft der Städtischen Bühnen / Sanierung. In accordance with the Corona Contact and Operating Restrictions Ordinance (passed on May 7 2020) events can take place again under strict hygiene conditions. 14.3 Members of the audience who have arrived late can only be admitted to the auditorium - for safety reasons and in the interest of artists performing on stage and other members of the audience - at times already decided upon by the artistic management (a scene change, for example) and without any claim to the seat that was purchased until the interval. Ticket prices Might change during the corona crisis. It is also not possible to take tickets back to the box office for a refund. Tickets cannot be refunded if a performance has to be cancelled due to things beyond Oper Frankfurt's control (including things like strikes, civil unrest, natural catastrophes, an epidemic or order from the state). Using your ticket as this means of travel remains a contractual relationship between you and the RMV (regional transport system). If this happens than the holder of the replacement ticket/s has no rightful claim for other seat/s. 11.1 Gift vouchers never expire. Shows and musicals; Events archive; The Alte Oper. You can, in theory, order tickets as soon as booking opens. The General Terms and Conditions (hereinafter GTC) regulate the legal relationship between Städtische Bühnen Frankfurt am Main GmbH (hereinafter SBF) and its visitors. 6.4 You have to pay extra for leaving your coats and bags in the cloakroom, programmes, supertitles (see also clause 11). 9.4 Additional claims are not accepted as our responsbility in view of cases 9.2.-9.3; other expenses incurred by the visit (travel/overnight accommodation costs, for example) cannot be reimbursed. Bestehende Abonnements verlängern sich um eine Spielzeit, wenn sie nicht bis zum 25. Overall programme ; Subscriptions and packages; Pegasus - experiencing music! 8.2 Groups and/or student groups accompanied by a supervising teacher - depending on the availability of tickets - get a discount tickets for bulk orders. 8.4  Admission to events with discount tickets (see Clause8.1.) Since its opening in 1956 the Deutsche Oper am Rhein has worked in theatrical union. Le Palais Garnier, l’Opéra Bastille et la 3e Scène. surtitles are provided for most operas performed at Oper Frankfurt but are not included in the price of a ticket. Premiere Cancelled. 29.3 There will be places where larger items may be left, but we cannot be held responsible for them. The subscription terms from the respective publications (season brochures / internet portals) of the individual sectors are also valid for subscribers. Sat 16. The Oper Frankfurt (Frankfurt Opera) is one of the leading opera companies in Europe, and voted best "Opera house of the year" several times since 1996, including 2020.Opera in Frankfurt am Main has a long tradition, with many world premieres such as Franz Schreker's Der ferne Klang in 1912, Fennimore und Gerda by Frederick Delius in 1919, and Carl Orff's Carmina Burana in 1937. Concerts by the Frankfurter Opern- und Museumsorchestra; Chamber Music; Concerts by the Paul Hindemith Orchesterakademie; Opera Studio Soirées; Happy New Ears; 9th Sir Georg Solti International Conducting Competition ; Special Events. Programmation, Billetterie, Informations pratiques. by persons entitled to do so, members of the audience with a valid ticket acknowledge and agree that they may be recorded in image and / or sound, and that these recordings may be published and/or used without claim for remuneration. Our venue. Featuring elegant modern interiors and free WiFi access throughout, Holiday Inn Frankfurt - Alte Oper is located in Frankfurt am Main. People buying tickets for several people must have this information on the people using the other tickets to hand. Share on Twitter Share on Facebook. Mai der laufenden Spielzeit gekündigt wurde, jeweils um eine weitere … Orchestrale Höhepunkte für Musikliebhaber. Phone: +49 (69) 212 02. the breakfast is very good. Copy link Enormous cultural complex Städtische Bühnen includes Oper Frankfurt, the city’s main opera company. Cancelled. The Oper Frankfurt, baritone Richard Breitenfeld and contralto Magda Spiegel, who also toured with Frankfurt Opera performing Wagner in the Netherlands. 29.2 You can take smaller items including handbags and jackets into the auditorium with you, but no luggage or umbrellas. It has a global traffic rank of #4,082,650 in the world. Persönliche Beratung beim Abo- und InfoService der Oper Frankfurt. "Oper Frankfurt" and "Schauspiel Frankfurt" are two independent branches of Frankfurt's municipal theatres, loosely joint as "Städtische Bühnen Frankfurt". Das Oper für Kinder-Abonnement verlängert sich automatisch, sofern es nicht bis zum 31. Do you agree? Die Alte Oper Frankfurt ermöglicht seinen Kunden ihr Abonnement zu kündigen, jeweils zum 11. Each ticket entitles one person to attend one performance. In particular, visitors can be excluded from performances if they interrupt them, bother other visitors or have infringed the GTC in another and significant manner or have repeatedly done so. 4.1 Advance booking for the next season begins on the date specified in the SBF's publications and website. The surtitles cannot be seen from some seats, some have limited view and sometimes there are no surtitles. Seats in the auditorium 26.1 The 1½ metre between people rule applies here too, unless you are a couple, when you can probably sit together. Programme. Coming into force These conditions come into force with immediate effect and replace earlier versions of the General Terms and Conditions of Oper and Schauspield Frankfurt. 14.4 The ticket is invalid after the end of the performance and when you have left the premises of the SBF. is only possible with an ID card entitling the holder to the discount. Surtitles, for most productions, during performances, the libretto, or part of it, of the opera is normally displayed synchronously, in German, on a screen above the stage and smaller screens at the sides of the auditorium. In many cases, if your seats are in the middle of a row, for example, it would be too disruptive for late-comers to find seats so they should take the nearest free places to the door pointed out to them by front of house staff – and reclaim their booked places during or after the interval. The SBF also reserves the right to limit the advance booking in temporal regard and/or in view of the sale of reduced tickets / places and/or with regard to certain sales channels.

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