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1966-1968. As they have torn down most of the post over the years I have been able to get some of the old street stones which I am using at y house for a walkway. Kaiser-Wilhelm-Straße 28 – sophisticated villalike house with hip roof, rooftop terrace, 1877/1878, architect R. Wagener, Kilianstraße 15 – Classicist corner house, 1875, architect Heinrich Ruppert, Kornmarkt 2 – three-and-a-half-floor corner shophouse, three-window house, about 1865; cellar about 1600, (zu) Kornmarkt 5 – tower of the former Lutheran, Kornmarkt 6 – lordly corner shophouse, three-floor Gründerzeit clinker brick building with hipped, Kreuzstraße 2a/b, Wilhelmstraße 30 – three-floor shophouse, Late Gründerzeit clinker brick building with mansard roof, 1898/1899, architects Philipp and Jean Hassinger, expanded 1932, Kreuzstraße 76 – villalike house, imitation-ancient-framed brick building, 1882 (?). 9 November 1924; d. 27 October 2009), basketball functionary, Peter Anheuser (b. We later moved to Mainz. After the French withdrew on 12 December, it was occupied by an Austrian battalion under Captain Alois Graf Gavasini (1759–1834), which withdrew again on 30 May 1796. ), Dessauerstraße 31 – former tanner's house; partly, Dessauerstraße 41 – Gründerzeit villa; two-and-a-half-floor building with hip roof, Renaissance Revival, about 1870, polygonal, Dessauerstraße 43 – Neoclassical villa, cube-shaped building with hip roof, about 1870; built behind it, a brick building, 1883, architect Friedrich Metzger, Dessauerstraße 49 and 51 – former Puricelli-. Precipitation varies only slightly. Salinenstraße 92/94, Moltkestraße 8 – sophisticated three-wing building with hip roof, Salinenstraße 95 – Gründerzeit bungalow, clinker brick building with hipped, Salinenstraße 113/115 – pair of semi-detached houses, spire light gable with half-hips, Renaissance Revival and Art Nouveau motifs, 1907/1908, architect Fritz Wagner, Salinenstraße 114/116 – Doppelvilla, langgestreckter building with hip roof, 1921/1922, architect Hans Best. We took our new 1955 Mercury Monterey. In the First World War, both the Kreuznach spa house and other hotels and villas became as of 2 January 1917 the seat of the Great Headquarters of Kaiser Wilhelm II. Show Prices. Dr.-Geisenheyner-Straße 3 – villalike house; cube-shaped tented-roof building, 1927, architect Peter Riedle. [29] The Jewish graveyard on Stromberger Straße was bought in 1661 (one preserved gravestone, however, dates from 1630) and expanded in 1919. Then, the town's first church was built within the old castrum's walls, which was at first consecrated to Saint Martin, but later to Saint Kilian, and in 1590, it was torn down. Would love to meet anyone else there during my time.I hope to go back and take my family there sometime. Co. C 8th Sig Bn. 36 partly timber-frame, Mannheimer Straße 39 and 41 – four-floor shophouses, timber-frame buildings, late 18th century, made over in the, Mannheimer Straße 43 – bridge house; three-floor corner shophouse, partly, Mannheimer Straße 45 – bridge house; three-floor terrace shophouse, plastered timber-frame building with mansard roof, 18th or 19th century, Mannheimer Straße 47 – three-floor corner shophouse, partly timber-frame (plastered), hip roof, 18th century, Mannheimer Straße 49 – three-floor corner shophouse, clinker brick building, 1905, architects Henke & Sohn, Mannheimer Straße 52 and 54 – four-floor Late Baroque shophouses, partly timber-frame (plastered), latter half of the 18th century; part of the so-called Little Venice, Mannheimer Straße 53/55 – three-floor Late Baroque pair of semi-detached houses, 18th century, Classicist makeover in the 19th century; cellar possibly from about 1500, Mannheimer Straße 56 – three-floor terrace shophouse, partly timber-frame (plastered), latter half of the 18th century, addition on, Mannheimer Straße 60 – three-floor shophouse, plastered timber-frame building with hip roof, 18th century; older cellar. Loved the town, food, beer &" Gripos". X The Plague threatened Kreuznach several times throughout its history. Wife and dog loved the place, left to go to Mannheim, missed BK a lot. If so please email me. Hochstraße 25 – three-winged complex with hip roofs, middle building late 18th century, side wings early 19th century; Hochstraße 34 – three-floor house, partly timber-frame (plastered), 18th or early 19th century, Hochstraße 36 – "Stadt Koblenz" ("City of Koblenz") Inn; three-floor, Hochstraße 42 – shophouse, Baroque building with hip roof, partly timber-frame, 1788, Hochstraße 44 – Baroque shophouse, partly timber-frame, left half marked 1668, right half from the 18th century, Hochstraße/corner of Stromberger Straße – town wall ". I was so young back then, and only now truly appreciate the fact I got to live in Germany. When he got out after 25 years, he lost all control of his life, left us and I never saw him again. Under the Potsdam Protocols on the fixing of occupation zone boundaries, Bad Kreuznach found itself for a while in French zone of occupation, but in an exchange in the early 1950s, United States Armed Forces came back into the districts of Kreuznach, Birkenfeld and Kusel. Was stationed in BK from Jan. 1983 to Jan 1985. I was stationed at Rose Barracks from 1955 through 1956 with the 142nd Armored Signal Co. Would be very interested in hearing from anyone there at that time.Also, does anyone remember the CapriBar. My parents, Holocaust survivors were living in the American camp for DP's a camp in(Bad Kreuznach, Bamberg, Germany. Hotmail account ID is below. Except for Bundesstraße 48, all these roads skirt the inner town, while the Autobahn is roughly 12 km from the town centre. Gene, Bad Kreuznach was my first duty assignment, there at the 225th Station Hospital from mid 91 to mid 93... great times. 18 talking about this. As early as the 5th century BC, there is conclusive evidence that there was a Celtic settlement within what are now Bad Kreuznach's town limits. Some nice memories. [14] In Modern German, this would be "Vor Kreuznach rinnt auch die Nahe" ("Before Kreuznach, the Nahe also runs"). Trained on the "Hills" for our conditioning.. one of the most beautiful European cities I ever was at, except Augsberg,Austria. I was assigned to 8th Signal and really enjoyed being in BK. This was the beginning of a lifetime affinity with Europe. All thanks to humble beginnings at BK. Also, there are the psychosomatic specialised clinic St.-Franziska-Stift and the rehabilitation and preventive clinic for children and youth, Viktoriastift. Fresh out of high school at that time and first time away from home. Mickey Langford, I was in the 8th AG Company, 73 - 75. Bad Kreuznach was occupied by US troops in March 1945 and thus stood under American military authority. During the 1501 epidemic, the humanist and Palatine prince-raiser Adam Werner von Themar (1462–1537), one of Abbot Trithemius's friends, wrote a poem in Kreuznach about the plague saint, Sebastian. Similarly, Zelem was the Yiddish name for, About him and the family zum Stein's beginnings. Given Bad Kreuznach's location in the narrow Nahe valley, all transport corridors run upstream parallel to the river. My last year there, 1981, I had the privelage to play in theGerman-American Baseball League. was in rose barracks also, the tin shack and ran outproccessing,, hey sam remember the trip to paris with razz and the first time he seen a ladies refresher,,,,,,,, email me would love to hear from you duane, i was in rose barrack 65 to 68 and was a team leader and ran outprocessing till i came home,, had alot of fun like the trip to paris WITH SAM ARLLEONO AND RAZ it would be fun to do it all again but made me sick to see what RB looks like now, was going to take a trip over there but better off with just the memories,,,,, HEY SAM WRITE will ya. [22] After further persecution in the time of the Plague in 1348/1349,[23] there is no further evidence of Jews in Kreuznach until 1375. Some of the the folks that came often to get ice cream were from Eugene Oregon but I lost contact... Too bad I was so busy, would have loved to keep in touch. From Bingen am Rhein, Regionalbahn trains run by way of the Alsenz Valley Railway, which branches off the Nahe Valley Railway in Bad Münster am Stein, to Kaiserslautern, reaching it in roughly 65 minutes. Since this election, the town has been run by a Jamaica coalition of the Christian Democratic Union of Germany, the Free Democratic Party and the Greens. [6] According to an inscription and tile plates that were found in Bad Kreuznach, a vexillatio of the Legio XXII Primigenia was stationed there. Stationed there (BK) 54-56 HDQ 2nd Armored Div.I think the 141st Signal was stationed at Baumholder. ), no. 8 March 1902, d. 16 May 1989), sculptor and painter, Eberhard Au (b. Even though the Bad Kreuznach's radon content was much slighter than that found in the waters from Brambach or Bad Gastein, the town was quickly billed as a "radium healing spa" – the technical error in that billing notwithstanding. It ran somewhat like this: Metz (Divodurum), Dillingen-Pachten. The label was founded in Heilbronn in 2007. 1960), university music director, Ise Thomas (b. None the less, it's all in the books. I have some pictures somewhere.I really enjoyed hiking the hills around Bad Kreuznach. I was born here, an army brat to 1st Sargent Ward Simmons and Elaine Simmons we are a family of 6 kids and traveled so much while my father was in the army. Good memories and good friends. Does anyone know how to obtain archives of the newspaper articles there? Bad Kreuznach (German pronunciation: [baːt ˈkʁɔʏtsnax]) is a town in the Bad Kreuznach district in Rhineland-Palatinate, Germany. What an awesome place to live I was there in 1985-1987 was a CPL/E4 in the 68th Chem Co 54Echo at Hospital Kaserne so beautiful country had fond memories there. Salinenstraße 57 – Late Classicist plastered building, 1851, architect August Henke Jun. I was stationed at Rose Barracks from 79 to 83. Different world. I sure don't. Hier finden Sie die Testsieger der getesteten Lost places bad kreuznach, wobei … Freiherr-vom-Stein-Straße 5 – villa resembling a country house; plastered building on quarrystone pedestal, Freiherr-vom-Stein-Straße 6 – villa resembling a country house; plastered building, partly timber-frame, 1907/1908, architect Hans Best, Freiherr-vom-Stein-Straße 7 – villa resembling a country house; building with half-hip roof, 1912/1913, architect Jean Rheinstädter, Friedrichstraße 4 – lordly villa on irregular footprint with hip and, Friedrichstraße 5 – two-and-a-half-floor villa; cube-shaped building with hip roof, Renaissance Revival, about 1870, Friedrichstraße 6 – three-floor corner house, Renaissance Revival, about 1870, Friedrichstraße 8 – two-and-a-half-floor villa; cube-shaped building with hip roof, Classicist motifs, about 1870. It does not lie within any Verbandsgemeinde, even though it is the seat of the like-named Verbandsgemeinde. We never won a game. [37] In 1507, Master Faust assumed the rector's post at the Kreuznach Latin school, which had been secured for him by Franz von Sickingen. Um der vielfältigen Stärke der Produkte genüge zu tun, bewerten wir im Vergleich alle möglichen Eigenarten. [30] The Yiddish name for Kreuznach was צלם־מקום (abbreviated צ״מ), variously rendered in Latin script as Zelem-Mochum or Celemochum (with the initial Z or C intended to transliterate the letter "צ", as they would be pronounced /ts/ in German), which literally meant "Image Place", for pious Jews wished to avoid the term Kreuz ("cross"). i was stationed in bk from 82 till 85 at the 225th station hospital, it was a beautiful place i miss very much the post was one of the best i had served in and the town was great the people the food i really miss germany an bad kreuznach very much, I was stationed at Rose Barracks 1963-64. Despite imprisonment, Salzmann survived the Third Reich, and after 1945 sat on town council for the Communist Party of Germany (KPD). Set in Bad Kreuznach, Leonardo Hotel Bad Kreuznach offers 4-star accommodations with a terrace. The town fortifications and the castle were torn down and the town of Kreuznach largely destroyed in May 1689 by French troops under Brigadier Ezéchiel du Mas, Comte de Mélac (about 1630–1704) or Lieutenant General Marquis Nicolas du Blé d’Uxelles (1652–1730). The guys I played witj I still think about today, Jerry LaBarbera, our coach, Gil Rivera, Craig Brosius, Tim Hensley and my great German compadre, Jurgen Radu. Very sad to it gone. In 1457, at a time when a children's crusade movement was on the rise, 120 children left Kreuznach on their way to Mont-Saint-Michel by way of Wissembourg. [3] It is, nonetheless, the district seat, and also the seat of the state chamber of commerce for Rhineland-Palatinate. In the course of measures to shore up the Imperial border against the Germanic Alemannic tribes who kept making incursions across the limes into the Empire, an auxiliary castrum was built in 370 under Emperor Valentinian I. To this day, radon inhalation serves as a natural pain reliever for those suffering from rheumatism. ....Flew into Rhine - Main -- Frankfort. Only at 5% of the German Weather Service's weather stations are even lower figures recorded. The expression "Er ist zu Kreuznach geboren" ("He was born at Kreuznach") became a byword in German for somebody who had to struggle with a great deal of hardship. Besides the introduction of hourly timetabling, there has also been a marked expansion into the nighttime hours, with trains leaving for Mainz three hours later each day. Wir wünschen Ihnen bereits jetzt eine Menge Vergnügen mit Ihrem Lost places bad kreuznach! In 1418, King Sigismund of Luxembourg (1368–1437) enfeoffed Count Johann V of Sponheim-Starkenburg (about 1359–1437) with the yearly market, the mint, the Jews at Kreuznach and the right of escort as far as Gensingen on the Trier-Mainz highway. Two weeks at a French Artillery post near Pau for some major maneuvers, plus 4/5 days each way in a convoy.

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