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Are you implying that my Grandfather was a liar? Please give us whatever you are working from. Most of the Jewish population growth in Palestine took place between the start of Aliyah ~1880 and the British “white paper” that cut off Jewish immigration in the 1930s. Many businesses that were taken away from Jewish owners ended up in the hands of Quandt. On October 20, 1942, under authority of the Trading with the Enemy Act, the U.S. Congress seized UBC and liquidated its assets after the war. There is no “internet rumour”. Speaking of apologies, because the Japs don’t like to do that, in a global war scenario, after retaking Taiwan, guess who’s China gonna go after next? windswords – +1 Let’s all hope we never have to relive a chapter of History like that one. American indistrialists lust over opportunities like that. Hear no evil…. well…my point exactly. Did they gas the children after they can no longer work? My point, which you seem to be one of the few to understand, is that there are people being exploited everyday, here and now, yet very few seem to care for their plight. Apartheid? In the film, one of the Quandts (the only one who would even talk) says: “All families have dark sides.” Not like this, they don’t. Oh! BMW, of which the Quandts became major shareholders 15 years after the war, was not implicated in the documentary. The documentary prompted the Quandt family to do what other German companies had done many decades ago: Employ a historian to examine the family’s history during the Third Reich. Günther Quandt (28 July 1881 – 30 December 1954) was a German industrialist who founded an industrial empire that today includes BMW and Altana (chemicals). [1] Die als öffentlichkeitsscheu geltenden Quandts nahmen 2014 mit 31 Mrd. Shoot, Bayer owner 43% of the company that made Zyklon B. Prescott Bush figures prominently in the lore of the “unified conspiracy theory”. Günther Quandt was arrested and interned in 1946. Maybe I should cry myself to sleep tonight because I’m not personally preventing the atrocities that are happening this very moment around the world? But judges concluded that he was a mere Nazi "fellow traveller" who played no active part in committing the crimes of the Third Reich. This ain’t the history channel. Buchwald, a Ford employee since the mid-thirties, the Gestapo carefully monitored plant activities. I meant to say that the US converted most of its industry to the war effort providing jobs and incomes for millions of Americans. After that, nobody really had a chance to change this, whether he was a local GM, Ford, Mercedes boss or even a simple farmer. The BMW swastika, symbol of German engineering ingenuity, heritage and racial superiority. Unless you are of German ancestry, you have no concept of the shame and embarrassment the majority of the German people feel over what occurred during WWII. La famille Quandt est une famille contemporaine d'industriels allemands : . The TV program stunned Germany and triggered a raft of newspaper stories with headlines such as “The Quandts’ Bloody Billions” and “A Fortune Stained in Blood.” The hour-long documentary included interviews with former slave laborers who testified to the devastating conditions and atrocities which took place at Günther Quandt’s battery company, Accumulatorenfabrik AG (Afa). Günther Quandt is similar to these people: Herbert Quandt, Altana, Harald Quandt and more. BMW’s past? A 2002 biography covered much of the same ground. get another. And yes, repugnant too. clean, not least because they were simply flat broke at the time (to the extent that not long after the war Mercedes came close to taking over BMW). BMW, his most valuable asset, was inherited by his third wife Johanna Quandt and their children, Stefan Quandt, 46, and Susanne Klatten, 50. Perhaps enough shame and embarrassment to tell one’s grandchild stories so they didn’t think that Opa was a monster and war criminal. FoMoCo’s current president for North America is Jewish and the corporate treasurer is an orthodox Jew. I wasn’t aware of clothing manufacturers rounding up children based specifically on their religion, separating them from their parents at gun point, tattooing them like cattle with a serial number, then working them to death, or if they did not work fast/hard enough sending them to gas chambers to die. First…it is very important to understand the family did this research: There has to be some balance. God made us this way for a reason.”. What I also do dislike about the Quandt approach is that they supported Hitler BEFORE he came to power (c.f. Here’s a thorough read: When Palestine grants the same level of freedoms to non-Palestinians as Israelis grant Palestinians, I’ll listen to their claims of victimhood. How convenient. Return what was stolen during the War? During the Third Reich, Quandt company empire was kept running by more than 50,000 slave laborers. So erlebte ich die Westsahara 1989 im Krieg – der neue Krieg wird ein anderer The senior German officers would then take a member of the soldiers family, hold a gun to their head and ask them what they planned to do next. Forgiveness and trade with your former enemies’ sons and daughters is a great virtue. Did Henry Kissinger Really Plan ‘An Accident’ for Bud Zumwalt? Or how about the native peoples of Brazil who are about to have their ancestral homes destroyed, along with a million acres of rain forest in the name of progress. In 1999, BMW and other German companies founded the “Remembrance, Responsibility and Future” foundation, which provides compensation to former forced laborers. The Silence of the Quandt family was broadcast by Norddeutsche Runkfunk (NDR), an affiliate of the national ARD network, and was based on five years of research by authors Eric Friedler and Barbara Siebert. Stunning on how people are attempting to rewrite World War II history from Pearl Harbor (FDR let it happen so he could pull the United States into WWII, so sayeth the tinfoil hat wearing masses) to the use of nuclear weapons was unnecessary and didn’t save any lives, and Ford and GM helped the Nazi’s during World War II. In the case of the Palestinians, though, the hosting societies deliberately refused to ameliorate their refugee status so as to perpetuate the conflict with Israel. But Benjamin Ferencz, a prosecutor from the Nuremberg Trials interviewed in the documentary, said that the facts revealed today likely would have led to Quandt’s conviction for war crimes—similar to those meted out to members of the Krupp and Flick families. They have the right to vote and about 10% of the Israeli parliament, the Knesset, is made up of Arab politicians, many of who openly despise the state that pays their salaries. In August, under the same authority, Congress had seized the first of the Bush-Harriman-managed Thyssen entities, Hamburg-American Line, under Vesting Order No. At the end of the war, Günther Quandt’s former wife Magda killed her six children in the Führerbunker, then committed suicide with her husband Goebbels. All I could think of comedian quote: That being said they have not always traded in a fair manner (and the US is as much to blame for letting them get away with it as they are for doing it). Hitler converted German factories to build his weapons as well, though he did it in the most dispicable, disgusting and inhumane way possible. And the Washington Post article that is linked to in the post above merely states that GM and Ford’s wartime activities in Germany were being scrutinized by Holocaust survivors. There was large scale emigration of Jews from eastern Europe, primarily to the United States, but also to western Europe and to what was then Palestine. I’m not here to support or rationalize anything that is or was done to exploit people, but there is enough culpability to go around. The VW “Thing” was little more than a World War II German staff car. And we waged terrible war on them – including the killing (and incineration) of hundreds of thousands of women and kids in cities. While I won’t deny that there are civil rights issues in Israel regarding Israeli Arabs, the simple facts are that 10% of the Israeli population are Arabs and they enjoy full legal equality. The McCoys vs the Hatfields. BMW, Mercedes, they were part of Germany’s industrial machine. So they didn’t know what was happening? Quandt Senior and Herbert should have been hanged, but that is meaningless now. Treasury was investigating Edsel for violations of the Trading With the Enemy Act. Since you asked, a large number of “Palestinians” can trace their ancestry (well, they could, not saying they would) back to what is now Syria, Jordan, Lebanon, Egypt and Iraq. It is very interesting though at this time one would think VW as being more of a “Nazi supporter” STILL than BMW, a more internationl company with more diverse management and no ambitions to “conqure the world” unlike…. “Its nothing to be proud of” According to Daniel Goldhagen’s research, while there are no records of German soldiers being punished for refusing to commit atrocities, there are records of soldiers who asked to be relieved of that duty and were assigned to other tasks without recrimination. The people TODAY, the children of the unholy, are NOT colored by these sins of the dead. I will judge each of you, and all people, as you act today and not how your forefathers acted. I could be wrong but offhand I think no more than 100,000 of the 600,000 or so Jews in Palestine in 1947 were survivors of the Holocaust. Well said TrailerTrash. There is not much use in an army winter coat, for example, that soaks so much that you freeze to death when in the field and forced to use it. Günther Quandt, Kisah Di Sebalik Pemegang Saham Terbesar Syarikat BMW Eza September 10, 2020 8:32 am September 10, 2020 Sebut sahaja kereta BMW, pasti ramai di kalangan kita yang berimpian untuk memiliki kenderaan mewah buatan Jerman tersebut. The whole point of faith-based religion is that humans are born imperfect and must strive to be more like the deity, thus (theoretically) improving said imperfect humans in the judgment of a given religion. Eight days after the seizure of UBC, Congress invoked the Trading with the Enemy Act again to take control of two more Bush-Harriman-Thyssen businesses – Holland-American Trading Corp. (Vesting Order No. Topic. Jeeeeeezus! As already has been stated here before, the Quandt family is not BMW. As Hitler wasn’t even Chancellor of Germany until 30 January 1933, that doesn’t seem all that incriminating. Nobody is excusing human behavior via the “God” character. “The accusations that have been raised against our family have moved us,” said the family in a statement. In 2007, a documentary aired on German TV and linked the family to the Nazis. Wikipedia as a source of information is always a bit suspect, but it seems like the whole area has continued to be affected by large scale immigration, even before World War II, after the initial ‘wave’ of the First Aliyah. What I am trying to do is keep it real. Ford Mustang Mach-E: Right Car, Wrong Name. But as a group, they are sworn to destroy the nation in which they live. Until now, the family has refused historians access to its Nazi-era historical archives and papers—and it still has not acknowledged that Afa factories made use of slave labor from concentration camps. In those cases, the hosting societies did the right thing. One more reason to stay away from BMW. Max Fisher was his best friend and FoMoCo, under the deuce, set up a factory in Israel. It’s nothing to be proud of, but what’s done is done, and acknowledging what has happened is a big step toward making amends with victims. Günther Quandt’s second wife (and mother of their son Harald) ultimately married the notorious Joseph Goebbels—one of the most powerful and prominent Nazis of the Third Reich. Seems a no brainer. Immediately, after they came to power they started to jail (KZs were certainly not for Jews exclusivly), kill (yes, even their own SA leadership), forced to emigrate (everybody who could afford it), silenced all others opposing that regime by simply changing laws. Lots of companies from Germany have the stain of Nazi involvement. Edsel was no friend of Germany. Scopriamo insieme la storia dell’industriale tedesco, un uomo con il fiuto degli affari che ha avuto rapporti compromettenti con il nazismo . So all I am asking…demanding…is you do the very same for others and stop the drive by shootings here. Das Lager befand sich neben dem Continentalwerk. I will not carry on battles and wars begun before my birth nor carry hatreds against people(s) I have no hatred for. The film revealed not only the slave laborers, but also that Günther Quandt had convinced Nazi contacts to send a Belgian competitor to a concentration camp after he refused to sell his company to Quandt. One of the Fords, I think it’s Billy’s cousin Benson Jr., is married to a Jewish woman and donated a Torah scroll to the temple they attend. Unless you are of German ancestry, you have no concept of the shame and embarrassment the majority of the German people feel over what occurred during WWII. Just ask Serbia/Croatia, Dafur, or Somalia where genocide is still going on today. To begin with, Simon Reich was only one of a number of historians who worked on the project and they were hired not by the Ford family but rather by the company. That May the leader of the Nazi Party in Cologne sent a letter to the plant thanking its leaders for helping “assure us victory in the present [war] struggle” and for demonstrating the willingness to “cooperate in the establishment of an exemplary social state.”…, …In May of 1942, the Superior Court of Cologne finally put Ford Werke in “trusteeship,” ruling that it was “under authoritative enemy influence.” However, the Nazis never nationalized Ford’s German property–plant managers feared it would be turned over to Mercedes or the Hermann Goering Werke, a huge industrial network composed of properties seized by the Reich–and Dearborn maintained its 52 percent share through the duration of the war. BMW’yi Quandt’lar ele geçirdikten 3 yıl sonra, 1962 yılında yeni segment otomobil olan BMW 1500 modelini piyasaya sürdü ve o tarihten itibaren BMW sürekli büyüdü. As it has said here before by others, you simply can’t compare Nazi Germany with the US. Dissent? The US had a choice at the end of the war: Let the vanquished live in squalor and taking the chance that another dictatorship (communist or otherwise) might take over; permanently “de-industrialize” Germany and Japan (this was seriously considered by the FDR administration); or rebuild them as democracies and trading partners. My Grandfather was in the German army, and when he did not salute a superior officer fast enough, he was thrown in jail for 3 months, fed boiled pork with the hair still on it. I’m glad the Quandts finally owned up to their past (albeit 6 decades too late) but I’m not sure if it’s right to link this rotten business to BMW as a company. Would you prefer the poor teenagers be unemployed and hungry? How could they keep companies they took, art, jewels, lives? Tell me how Israel could treat them better while its very existence is under constant threat by its own residents. A lie that is not exposed is an evil capable of coming back to life. * And who knows, just showing me the hammer – and certainly seeing it done to someone else – yeh… I’d cave. Juli 1881 in Pritzwalk, Landkreis Ostprignitz; 30. When the German Forced Labor Compensation Program was established, the family declined to make a contribution, claiming they had no reason to do so. Don’t ever forget the past. Oh, and don’t forget to click on the little CC button to make the translation appear. Some German commentators surmise the broadcast was not announced in advance for fear of legal interference from the Quandts to block the program. Thanks Ronnie, you took the keystrokes right from my fingers. One is a pdf of some poorly referenced article that someone downloaded from the Internet. what APaGttH says in the first ‘graph. You are smug sitting in you chair recounting the opinions of others to justify your position. I agree with Ronnie: ….” your attempt at moral equivalence between America and Nazi Germany is repugnant”……..and I add ignorance beyond comprehension. Günther Quandt (Pritzwalk, 28 luglio 1881 – Il Cairo, 30 dicembre 1954) è stato un imprenditore tedesco, fondatore di un impero industriale che oggi comprende aziende di notorietà mondiale come BMW e … The Quandt dynasty began in 1883 when Emil Quandt took over a textile company from his father-in-law. http://de.wikipedia.org/wiki/G%C3%BCnther_Quandt , the German version).

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