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Because Lata's coy about asking the name of gorgeous Kabir Durrani (Danesh Razvi, who puts the sexy back into cricket, yes, really), she’s already in love with him when she learns his last name and realizes he’s Muslim. "It's Lata who sees through that public persona into someone who is more gentle, sensitive, slightly unsure, and more vulnerable. Mira Nair directed this six-part series from the BBC. … "However, everyone was extremely supportive and helped me find my space. She was joined by Danesh Razvi (Kabir) and Joyeeta Dutta (Tasneem) and here’s all that we found out … Namit, who actually learned shoe-making for the role, says the scene helped him connect with the character. "He's liked by people for his gentle and endearing nature. A roundness of character is also afforded to Amit Chatterjee (Mikhail Sen), Lata's third suitor. Guess where I ended up 🥳😈 Sorry @namitdas I had to try Catch #ASuitableBoy on Netflix, Oct. 23rd @netflix_in @pagliji, @tabutiful, @ishaankhatter, @tanyamaniktala, @iamramkapoor, @pathakvinay, @itsvijayvarma, @shahanagoswami, @mahirakakkar, @namitdas, @ranvirshorey, @rasikadugal, @manoj_pahwa29, @therealvivaanshah, @randeephooda, @mikhail.sen, @joyeeta_dutta @sheeba.chadha #VikramSeth #GaganDevRiar #VivekGomber #ShubhamSaraf #AameerBashir #KulbhushanKharbanda @sha_latif @makeupbydp18 @hnmbysnehal @hairstoriesdianne @thebombaebarber @happysinghmakeup @tomwalden @lp_devi @shredevdube @declanquinn @lydiadeanpilcher @stephaniecarrollnyc @arjunbhasincostume @m3e0www @soodpranav @kkrisnakk @chhavimongia @sahil.bhatia7 @kavidrama @thebombaywalla @yashvigandhi @aayushi_diwan @dhruvabansal @canyouhumitlikethat @psykazulo @siddhantpawar @crazzychameleon @altafmammoo @nishaa.guptaa @nalsferns @air_and_wind @aradhanaseth @mithva #VikramSeth #ShimitAmin @raghvan_barnwal And every single other person without whom this would have been impossible ❤️, A post shared by Danesh Razvi (@danesh.razvi) on Oct 9, 2020 at 2:17am PDT. (Beautiful is the word I am going for, yes, because look at him). He took part in his first play in High School as a lead and then continued to perform professionally in Mumbai thereafter. Danesh Razvi, Actor: A Suitable Boy. It's shocking to see those divides exist till today, not just in the lower classes but in the middle and upper classes. Among the major hits, was the novel adaptation by BBC titled “A Suitable Boy” which starred talent from across the border including veteran actress Tabu. Dushyant Chautala is the founder of the Jannayak Janata Party (JJP) and the Deputy Chief Minister of Haryana (2019). In just a day, Danesh has become our newest crush, and here's what you'd want to know about him.Â. Mira Nair’s mini-series A Suitable Boy, adapted from Vikram Seth’s acclaimed novel of the same name, will be premiered on Netflix on October 23. She wouldn't let the fear of leading a Mira Nair ensemble get to her. Danesh was born in Mumbai and has a bachelor's degree in advertising. Danesh Razvi was born in Mumbai, India. Rupa is played by Mahira Kakker. Danesh Razvi is basking in his newly acquired fame post the release of Netflix series A Suitable Boy Stepping onto A Suitable Boy, Tanya Maniktala had one thing on her mind. Amit is swept away by her intelligence, beauty, and innocence but he also deeply respects her feelings. 10. A Suitable Boy series, which is based on the novel by Vikram Seth, has a power-packed ensemble cast. At almost 1,400 pages and more than half a million words, A Suitable Boy, by Indian writer Vikram Seth, is one of the longest novels published in a single volume in the English language. He wears loosely-fitted shirts and trousers, speaks softly, and combs his hair in a very tidy manner.Â, There are scenes where he can be seen walking with Lata holding his cycle and oh God, your heart just melts looking at them like that.Â, Unfortunately, though, their love story comes to an end because of religious differences, Kabir stays in your heart.Â, I'm sorry, why don't I have guys like Kabir Durrani in my college huh, men w thick eyebrows and a cut on them hits you different 🤤 kabir durrani is living rent free in my brain pic.twitter.com/1XYRb8hxKS, Kabir Durrani 👉👈 #ASuitableBoy pic.twitter.com/cUlDvlRoJQ. Meera Nair's A Suitable Boy, which is now available on Netflix, is about a girl and her three suitors as the name of the show suggests. The BBC drama is Danesh Razvi's first major TV role. It was a tremendous challenge: even the grittiest of newcomers would shudder at the cast, a cross-section of Indian cinema's finest, from the magnificent Tabu to a sprightly Ishaan Khatter. It was a cast that could scare anyone away. A vast, panoramic tale charting the fortunes of four large families and exploring India and its rich and varied culture at a crucial point in its history. A Suitable Boy on the other side gives a platform to young upcoming actors such as Ishaan Khatter, Tanya Maniktala, Mikhail Sen and Danesh Razvi to portray their talents in front of a larger audience. There is much to unpack in the story ably adapted by Andrew Davies - a task made easy by the long list of talented actors Mira got on board.Â, Among these are Tabu, Ishan Khattar, Vijay Varma, Rasika Dugal and relatively newer faces likes Tanya Maniktala and Danesh Rizvi.Â, He plays the part of Kabir Durrani, one of the love interests of Lata (played by Tanya Maniktala). 's Kabir. With some extraordinary casting decisions, will Mi He suddenly gets angry. ", On the spike in his female fandom post the show, Danesh demures, "I would be lying if I said it hadn't spiked (laughs). ", Which was the first film you saw in theatres post lockdown, The New Indian Express | Dinamani | Kannada Prabha | Samakalika Malayalam | Indulgexpress | Edex Live | Event Xpress, Contact Us | About Us | Privacy Policy | Terms of Use | Advertise With Us, Home | Stories | Photos | Reviews | Videos. The new series comprises of six episodes written by … He’s an intellectual whose family doesn’t put much stock in religion and he’s taken aback by Lata’s insistence that they cannot marry—he even … A Suitable Boy. Danesh Razvi plays Kabir in the BBC drama, and has won a legion of fans due to his handsome features, with many pushing for Lata to choose his character over the other two. Meghna Chautala is the wife of Dushyant Chautala, an Indian Politician. It's a minuscule emotion for him but it makes him human.". It features an all Indian cast and a setting in northern India. The characters Kabir Durrani (played by Danesh Razvi), and Lata Mehra (Tanya Maniktala) in Mira Nair’s adaption of A Suitable Boy. So, when this scene happens, there's a roundup of sorts. In a bid to know more about him, we landed on his Instagram page. It’s always warm and sunny in California, A post shared by Danesh Razvi (@danesh.razvi) on Feb 28, 2018 at 10:03pm PST. The … Smart, pretty, and from a good family, Lata attracts three handsome suitors: Dashing classmate Kabir (Danesh Razvi), seductive poet Amit (Mikhail Sen), and earnest shoe salesman Haresh (Namit Das). A Suitable Boy is his big break, which is applause-worthy because unlike the rest of the cast, he is comparatively new to the business and has his name associated with only two other movies: B.K.S. Adapted from Vikram Seth's novel and streaming on Netflix, A Suitable Boy is the story of Lata Mehra (Tanya), a young university student in North India in the 1950s. A Suitable Boy Review: Mira Nair takes you back to the post-independence period with the story of Vikram Seth's drama-crammed novel of the same name. "In addition to religious differences, the pressure of Lata having to marry immediately also played a role. Spirited and ambitious, Lata's adult life is consumed by her mother's overweening desire to get her married. Sajeer Shaikh from MangoBaaz recently interviewed two cast members from the series via Instagram live. With Tanya Maniktala, Ishaan Khattar, Mahira Kakkar, Danesh Razvi. Lata, in turn, extracts a gentler side to the smooth-talking flirt. At its core, though, “A Suitable Boy” is a love story that plays itself out in the different arcs of two characters, Lata Mehra (Tanya Maniktala) and Maan Kapoor (Ishaan Khatter). Tanya Maniktala and her three suitable boys on working on Mira Nair’s show, streaming on Netflix. Stars of Mira Nair and Netflix's A Suitable Boy -- Tanya Maniktala, Namit Das, Mikhail Sen and Danesh Razvi -- talk to Hindustan Times about standing out … That might change in the coming days as love for his character pours in. Though set in the past, their relationship echoes modern truths, the same story of smitten lovers sundered on religious lines. Many people have accused filmmaker Meera Nair’s web series “A Suitable Boy” for promoting love jihad. Episodes 1 and 2 … A Suitable Boy: Tanya Maniktala and Danesh Razvi on playing an interfaith couple Stars of Mira Nair and Netflix's A Suitable Boy -- Tanya Maniktala, Namit Das, Mikhail Sen and Danesh Razvi -- talk to Hindustan Times about standing out in a sprawling cast, and in what ways they think India has changed (and hasn't) since Independence. A scene in which the characters played by Tanya Maniktala and Kabir Durrani are seen kissing in a temple. And today, we are going to talk about promotional outfits of Shahana Goswami, Danesh Razvi, and Tanya Maniktala from the mini-series. Set in the ’50s It was a bulky read on the emergence of the new India, recently free from the yoke of the British. "I feel Lata and Kabir definitely loved each other, but couldn't be together," Danesh says. "Haresh is literally the goody-two-shoes," Namit says. Vikram Seth’s most famous novel A Suitable Boy came out in 1993. To make such a big impact, credit must be given to Danesh, who has a rare honesty about his performance and is so beautiful, you find yourself looking for him on the screen. ... Danesh Razvi as Kabir Durrani. Starring: Tabu,Ishaan Khatter,Tanya Maniktala The influence of family still bears down on young love in India. Till then, here's a bit of his interview given to FilmiBeat. It's gratifying and a bit surreal too.". A Suitable Boy premiered on BBC last week and has received nothing but praise from viewers and critics alike. That gets complicated when she meets and falls in love with Kabir Durrani (Danesh Razvi), a Muslim history student at her university. Lata’s mother, who wants to find her younger daughter "a suitable boy”, is played by actress Mahira. The recreation of 1951 Era India is a … "We see Amit as this confident poet but that's a mask he wears in public," says Mikhail, who was cast after Mira saw him performing at the Royal Court Theatre in London. Lata's mother, Rupa, is determined for her daughter to find a "suitable boy" to settle down with. Yet, Tanya did not bolt or collapse nervously on set. He has a humble following of 5k and it is safe to assume that he isn't too active on the platform. If you have watched the show, you know that Kabir plays cricket and is not interested in math.Â, Right from the first scene, he lights up the screen with his genuine smile and affection for Lata, and you find yourself rooting for them.Â, Kabir Durrani, that's it that's the tweet #ASuitableBoy pic.twitter.com/57r0BFtFBl, I don't know who needs to hear this but ohmygod Kabir Durrani 🥺🥺🥺, Kabir looks like a simple guy. … Suddenly, it became a deeply collaborative process.". I got a marriage proposal recently on the Internet. BBC/Lookout Point. Iyengar: Uniting Through Yoga (a documentary) and Natural. A celebrated poet in Calcutta, he shows her around the city and charms her with his words. Theirs is a friendship built on mutual respect. A Suitable Boy is a gorgeous and authentic Indian drama about one young woman’s search for a suitable mate. Of the several 'suitable boys' propositioned for Lata, Haresh (Namit Das) takes the cake. He has studied acting in Vidur Acting Institute (Mumbai) as well as done a Professional Program in Acting for the Camera from University of California, Los Angeles' School of Theater, Film and Television. "I was obviously scared when I landed the lead part," says the 23-year-old from Delhi. The complainant, Tiwari, said he is objected to a particular scene where two characters, played by Tanya Maniktala and Danesh Razvi, a Hindu and Muslim, kissing on a temple premises. Later, he takes offense when Lata calls him 'mean'. In that sense, he is ahead of his time. Danesh Razvi … After obtaining a Bachelor's degree in advertising he decided to pursue acting full time. By Sophie McEvoy. Soft-spoken and officious, he's striving to make a name in the footwear industry: there's an amusing scene where he's undermined at the shoe factory, and, feeling insulted, turns in his resignation. July 27, 2020. While the former’s Lata Mehra is a Hindu, the latter’s character was a Muslim named Danesh Razvi. A Suitable Boy actor Danesh Razvi: My female fandom has certainly spiked Tanya Maniktala and her three suitable boys on working on Mira Nair’s show, streaming on … Meera Nair's A Suitable Boy, which is now available on Netflix, is about a girl and her three suitors as the name of the show suggests. It certainly makes the arrival, on Dec. 7, of Nair’s recent British miniseries A Suitable Boy on the Anglophile streaming service Acorn TV … A Suitable Boy 2020 13+ 1 Season TV Programmes Based on Books Modernity confronts tradition in post-Partition India as a young student resists an arranged marriage and a politician’s son has a transgressive affair. That of course is the core plot.

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